A Case Study of European Skill Formation in Albania

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  • Author:Indrit Vu?aj
  • Publisher:Lexington Books
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  • I S B N:9781498575270
  • Pages:172
  • Subject: 外交、国际关系
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Content Introduction

In the quest of becoming a competitive knowledge-driven society and nationalize the efficacy of an evolving tradition in the free labor market, Albania is increasingly pursuing policies in alignment with the European standards. The highly effective standards of the European skill formation system are serving as a guiding compass to orient policymaking institutions in Albania for developing meaningful and interplaying national alliances between the labor market and the education and training system. The institutional approach in this study thoughtfully explores the implementation impact and the field implications of the collective skill formation system in Albanian education reforms. Indrit Vucaj critically examines the manifestation of education reforms in preparation of skills for the labor market and provides interpretation of the structural, normative, and cultural-cognitive elements pertaining to the progression of addressing the process evolvement and the continuing complexity of the Albanian national s

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