Aspen Student Treatise for Civil Procedure, 4 edition

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  • Author:Freer, Richard D.
  • Publisher:ASPEN
  • Publishing Date:
  • I S B N:9781454873792
  • Pages:896
  • Subject: 政治、法律
  • 供 货 周 期: 6 周
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Content Introduction

This popular treatise is a comprehensive resource, engagingly written and featuring hundred of examples to demonstrate application of doctrine. Features include: "Defining the Issue," a section that opens each chapter, putting material into context and making connections to related areas of procedure and jurisdiction law Analytical frameworks to synthesize key subject areas The Fourth Edition features: The Supreme Court's restriction of general personal jurisdiction in Daimler and BNSF Its latest decision on specific personal jurisdiction, Britol-Myers Squibb, and its likely impact Detailed treatment of remedies, including provisional remedies Detailed analysis of all amended Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, including changes to the scope of discovery

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