No-Frills Physics : A Concise Study Guide for Algebra-Based Physics

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  • Author:McCluskey, Matthew D., author.
  • Publisher:CRC Press
  • Publishing Date:
  • I S B N:9781138583870
  • Pages:216
  • Subject: 物理学
  • 供 货 周 期: 6 周
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Content Introduction

This textbook provides everything you need to get through a basic physics course. It guides students through all the essentials with a concise review of the concept, simple illustrations to demonstrate it, worked problems to showcase how to apply it, and a short quiz for self-testing. Whereas other standard books can be overwhelming to students, the author shares what has worked with his own students, trimming back unnecessary detail and focusing on the core basic physical concepts required to gain solid footing. The full range of topics are addressed in a manner that facilitates understanding and will encourage students to continue forward with their learning.

Author Introduction